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Welcome to the Official Yggdrasil Web Page.  Yggdrasil is a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon).  If you are unaware of what a MUD is, please check out our New Players link to the left.   May we also suggest that you read the Policy & Rules, even if you have played on a MUD before.

What kind of MUD is Yggdrasil:     The theme is pagan Europe with a focus from the view of the nordic peoples.  It is not strictly historical, so one might call it historical fantasy.  The map of the world is based off of the map of our world.  It includes some of the major cities that have existed throughout history. 

How do I play on a MUD:  In order to play a MUD you must either have a telnet client and/or use the included telnet software with windows.  This comes up automatically by using the links provided under our Connect page.  We have also included a link to our Mud Clients page which will provide you with specialty software that will make your mudding experience more enjoyable.

I already know what to do, what is the address:  All the information you need is on the Connect Page. 

We hope you enjoy this web page and your future visits to Yggdrasil - Horse of the Hanged!!