New Players Information

Here you will find information that will teach you, basically, how to play at Yggdrasil.  We are not going to get into great detail at all and we are in no way going to tell you all of the information you need to know so we do suggest that you look over our newbie zone when you enter the game.  The newbie zone will be your "recall point" until you reach level 3.

What exactly is a "recall point":  A recall point is a starting point for your character.  It is the room that you will appear in when you use a "recall item" or start the game.  The recall points are located all over the map inside various hometowns.  When you first start the game, you will start the game in a room called "The Nijmegen New Adventurer Building".

So how do I get started:  When you first enter the game, you will be a level 1 player of the class and race that you selected in the creation process.  Here are the basic commands you need to know in order to get started.

  • Autoexit - This will enable you to see all the exits available to you.  Note: This will not show you doors that are closed or locked.  You will have to look around for these by trying different directions or looking at the rooms themselves.

  • Color Complete - This will enable you to see ANSI color.  If you can not see colors after you have typed this then your software does not support colors and you may wish to download one of the specialty software programs from our Mud Clients page.  For a list of all the color options for you to use type "help color".

  • Auto Gold - This command will automatically make your character take gold from corpses after you have killed them.  This way you do not have to type "get coins corpse" every time you kill something.

  • Auto Loot - This command will make your character get all the items from a corpse when you kill it.  This can become bothersome simply because you have a limit of how much weight your character can carry.  We do not suggest you use this unless you don't mind constantly checking your inventory.  It does come handy in new zones when you want to examine all the equipment you find.

What do I need to know to create my character:    You must hurry when you create your character because you do have a time limit and the system will disconnect you if you take too long.  If you create a character and you decide not to use it, please delete it before creating another one.  If you need to know more about a race or class while you are creating your character, use the help feature.

In order to truly learn how to play you will want to explore our newbie zone.  Go north when you enter the game and read EVERY room you come to.  Follow the instructions of each room and you should have no problems getting started.

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