Policy & Rules

Yggdrasil MUD POLICY:

I would like to thank you for taking the time out to read through this file.

1. The word of the implementor is The Law of the Land.

2. All immortals are agents of the Implementor and are to be treated as
such. Feel free to ask questions, but do not be a pest.
They are glad to help if you have a legitimate problem, but
they to have work to do. If you can find a solution another way
(i.e.: help files) please do so. If not ask but don't pester or
harrass them about it.

3. Yggdrasil is designed for fun and comradery. So that everyone can enjoy
their stay here, we ask that you treat your fellow players
with respect. That means treat them the way you would like to be
treated. DO NOT flood, spam, flame, or otherwise harrass or annoy
your fellow players.

4. DO NOT abuse the communications channels.

5. Bug exploitation or cheating of any other kind is HIGHLY ILLEGAL.
This includes (but is not exclusive to) exploiting a bug to:

a) gain equipment, money, or experience
b) crash the mud
c) alter the mud in any way that was not intended.

6. Please keep pets to a limit of 3. Any more then that and Immortals
have the authority to kill off the extras.

7. Multi-Playing is RESTRICTED to 3 players.

8. The Immortals here ARE NOT ALLOWED to give players anything, help
players gain equipment or experience, etc. So DO NOT ASK them to.
If you lose anything in a crash, the Immortals are not obligated to
replace it, so save often. This applies to going link dead. Also,
if you die and your corpse gets pulled into a void, do NOT demand
that an Immortal retrieve it for you. It would be a kind and
generous thing for them to get it for you.

9. Do not at any time beg equipment or gold from other players. If you
find yourself in dire need you may want to ask players for tips on
effective gameplay instead.

10. Lying to an immortal will get you instantly blasted to shreds. If you
are approached about something, be truthful and take responsibility.

11. If you notice another player breaking any of these rules, please
report them to the authorities of Yggdrasil.

Failure to abide by these rules will lead to us having to use a number
of judicial features that we have at our disposal.

Thank You,



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